It is a unique sport with a long history, a game you can engage whether you are young or not, a spiritual challenge for those who are willing and dare to try, an introduction to meditation, a chance to socialize and … of course… fun!!!

A fascinating sport with a charm one can not understand as a spectator – shooting is not a spectacular sport to watch. However, people who watch shooting, quickly realize that instead of being just a spectator, they can be shooters themselves!

Indeed, regardless of body type or age (even if one is in their fiftees), even without having a good vision as someone would assume is required and having no former experience in sports, under the right guidance, one can become an athlete, even if they try shooting for the first time in their life! It gives a chance that many people believe they will never get in their life, an opportunity that very few sports can offer.

Many times people ask me what is interesting about this sport? People who found the sport boring to watch, when they attended the first shooting training and I asked them to ‘shoot’ … they were addicted to it for ever!

It starts by being a fascinating game with one’s mind. A game to learn and overcome one’s own limits. A bet with one’s self that one learns to win. But it’s also way to release stress. A pleasant way to escape from everyday life. A place to start new friendships of all ages. And, of course, above all, shooting is pleasure.

One can feel the enchantment of shooting from the very first shot, the first “pop”… Then one is just impatient to shoot the next ones!

Aghi Kassoumi, 2017